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What's in it for You?

World-renowned TACK & TMI brands

We are very passionate about making sustainable impact on business results of the clients.
We are taking our customers into the Future of Learning.

Appealing Value Proposition & Offering to Customers

Provide your customers with integrated Learner-centric solutions designed and implemented with the contemporary approach to learning.
Take advantage of the powerful combination of the world-class solutions and freedom for their customization to drive opportunities for your business.

Power of our Connected Global Network

Leverage our truly connected global Network highly professional and successful Partner organisations with vast experience and huge expertise to continuously enhance your business growth.

Tack TMI tackle business challenges in the following areas:

Safety Culture

Safety is about People, not Process!
Help your customers successfully embed a culture of Safety Excellence in their organisations with our Behavioral Based Safety solutions to protect their business from financial, emotional and legal costs.

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Help your customers equip their Leaders with the essential skills and behaviours to articulate their business vision.
Tack TMI’s comprehensive solutions enable managers to directly implement principles and integrate new habits in their daily work, whatever their chosen field or function.

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Sales Excellence

Help your customers achieve higher sales results and motivate sales teams to greater profitability with our Sales Excellence solutions. They address a full range of sales development needs to help sales team navigate the challenges of an increasingly competitive sales environment.

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Customer Centricity

Help your clients deliver upon their customers’ expectations and exceed them to grow their business with our unrivalled global expertise and experience in service excellence.

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Personal Effectiveness

Help your customers drive their organisations forward with our personal effectiveness solutions.
They are aimed to equip professionals with the rounded business and communication skills required to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact.

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We have different types of Partnership models that would help you choose a relationship that meets your goals.
We are focused on helping our Partners grow their business – from marketing best practices to trainers’ certification, our focus is on helping you succeed.

If you would like to explore Tack TMI business opportunities, please get in contact with Elena Khodko, Tack TMI Channel Manager, at or fill out the contact form below.

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