Tack TMI – February 23rd, 2024

February 23rd, 2024

Training Industry has once again recognised Tack TMI as a standout company, naming it to the prestigious 2024 Top 20 Training Companies™ list for Sales Training & Enablement. This esteemed recognition underscores Tack TMI’s ongoing commitment to excellence in the corporate learning and development (L&D) sector.

Being acknowledged for the second consecutive year reflects not only our achievements but also our ability to thrive amidst the dynamic shifts in the world of work. This recognition reaffirms our mission to set and uphold new standards while consistently delivering impactful learning solutions to businesses and professionals worldwide.

Training Industry, a renowned research and information resource in the L&D realm, annually releases the Training Industry Top 20 report, spotlighting leaders in various segments of the corporate training landscape. The inclusion of Tack TMI reflects its dedication to delivering top-tier training services and technologies. Tack TMI’s custom-tailored learning experiences and dedication to staying abreast of industry trends position it as a frontrunner in the sales training arena.

“This year’s Top 20 Sales Training companies offered a breadth of sales training solutions for all types of sales roles and topics. These innovative organizations utilize learning technologies and an array of delivery options, such as sales enablement platforms or AI-enabled coaching, to fit the sales training needs of any organization,” said Jessica Schue, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “Through research and innovation, these organizations keep their frameworks up-to-date, staying knowledgeable on new selling trends and how to achieve the best results.”

In response to this accolade, Tack TMI CEO, Jim O’Brien, commented:

“It is a privilege to once again be named as one of the Global top 20 Sales Training and Enablement Companies. This award further consolidates Tack TMIs position as a top tier Sales Training company and completes the resurgence of our historied brands. Tack and TMI have been in business for more than 110 years combined and have always been successful. Thanks to the continued investment and strategic guidance of Gi Group Holding, Tack TMI has reclaimed its position as one of the world’s premier learning and development businesses.”

Selection for the 2024 Training Industry Top Sales Training & Enablement Companies lists was based on rigorous evaluation criteria, including program quality, industry impact, client representation, and business performance.

For further insights into Tack TMI’s award-winning sales training & enablement approach, please reach out to us.

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